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    Upstairs at the Western, Leicester
    Thursday 9th November 2023 at 7.30pm
    Tickets: £10 to be purchased from What’s On – Upstairs at The Western

    We all have that one person that completes us… and then, a new face arrives, and your relationship is changed forever, for better or worse.   

    Following on from ‘Singularity’ and ‘Duality’, Williams Creatives are excited to present the next instalment in our series of showcases! ‘Trinity’ is an Evening of three plays by three writers all with three characters! The theme?… Three’s Company! Yes, that is a lot of Threes.

    Each play is a self-contained exploration of what happens when the status quo of a relationship is thrown into chaos by a new addition to the fold. The characters, each devastatingly flawed in their own ways must navigate the new norm or be swallowed up by their own destruction.

    Tickets for this show are on sale now, book by pressing thee button below.

    About the shows in Trinity

    Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot – by Cathy Robinson – Comedy Drama

    Nina is alone on New Years Eve again and she isn’t happy about it. After being jilted by a guy she met on the internet Nina loses her temper and sends him a message to end all messages. Joined by her best friend Shell, Nina tries to come to terms with another failed relationship, but is all what it seems and just what is the other side of this story?

    Contains strong language and themes of a sexual nature.

    Court Mandated – by Joshua Taylor-Williams – Comedy

    Nigel and Kelly are your average couple, from a thoroughly average family who have gotten themselves into a sticky situation. Dr Bryant is here to get to the bottom of what happened and provide a report to the courts with her findings on this couple. As the two delve into the story of their ill fated Pontins adventure, will Dr Bryant be able to make sense of any of it?

    Contains strong language and themes of a sexual nature.

    I Was Never Mine, I Will Never Be – by the Memoirs of Anonymous as presented to Joshua Taylor-Williams – Drama

    Based on the true memoirs of a man and first presented in our debut show, On the Surface, We Smile this show tells the story of a man in a violent relationship with his husband. Forced to re-tell the story by an interrogator, the man attempts to make sense of what is happening to him in an attempt to finally reclaim himself and be free.

    Contains strong language, violence including strangulation, and scenes that some viewers may find upsetting.

    Please note the content of this production may be emotionally challenging violence, strong language and scenes of a strong nature. The age rating for this production is set as 15+. For further details please contact us on