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Pride Month, but a little different

    This year, there are no parades in the streets. Instead we are in our homes, staying safe. But this will not take away from the message. Through Social Media and webcam across the world, we are still connected. Because that is what Pride is really all about, coming together, not just the LGBTQIA+ community, but our friends and allies too. It’s about reflecting on where it started, with the Stonewall Riots (which seem even more relevant this year than ever), how we got here (Through togetherness, support and, of course being Fabulous) and continuing on with the amazing work we all do in the name of Equality, because no one deserves to feel that they are anything less than their All.

    Williams Creatives are made up of both LGBTQIA+ members and of Allies, so we naturally love June (Just look at our Special Pride Logo). We wish to say to all, have an amazing Pride Month and join us in celebrating ‘being able to be you’ and commit to continuing on.

    Global Pride Day is on the 27th June and we hope you join us online to keep the party going strong. Stay Proud!