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Miscast: The Musical Cabaret (March 2019)

    Everyone loves a good musical. But why restrict yourself to singing the parts that suit you, rather than the ones you want to. That’s what Williams Creatives achieved with ‘Miscast: The Musical Cabaret.

    The performance showcased music from popular musicals such as Legally Blonde, Hamilton and West Side Story, as well as lesser known musicals like Lift and Out of Our Heads. However, each song has been re-cast or rather ‘Mis-cast’, allowing performers to perform songs on the stage they never dreamt they would. In return, the audience got to enjoy an unforgettable night of unique and exciting music and performances.

    ‘Miscast: The Musical Cabaret’ was directed by Joshua and he was joined by returning choreographer, Hannah Castledine. The show included performers from across Leicestershire and Nottingham including Joshua Williams and Tilly Tilson (Jackson and Lisa in On the Surface We Smile), Richard Wiles (Parade, Lift), Nade Franklin (Parade, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Shrek) and Philippa Iliffe (Parade, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

    At the time, Company founder Joshua Williams said, “After the success of On the Surface, We Smile last November, the production team wanted to create a different type of performance to showcase the great talent within the company. I think we have more than achieved this and I can’t wait for you to see how diverse we can be as a company.”


    It may have only been a few months since Williams Creatives showcased their first performance, but they’ve quickly returned to bring Miscast the Musical Cabaret to the stage to their quickly building fan base. Miscast The Musical Cabaret focuses on removing the limitations of typical musical theatre demonstrating that anyone can play any part regardless of who they are, demonstrated perfectly by the large talented cast performing 34 songs of musical genius. The result of this felt fresh, contemporary and brought us a brilliant twist to what is usually quite predictable. Choreography was completely on point throughout and is genuinely awe inspiring what a group of volunteers can bring together to create a fantastic piece of stage performance in such a short space of time. The performers are passionate and incredibly hard working and it comes across in so many ways during their dancing and singing. Williams Creatives is going from strength to strength and with their next performance of Communicating Doors they will only continue.
    Ellis Harris – Cross Counties Radio